Agreement For Sale Of Residential Plot

3. Sellers become a marketable property on the land mentioned free of any charge, fees and claims to the satisfaction of the buyer lawyer. Sellers, at their own expense, will seek all outstanding discounts and correct defects in ownership, charges and rights to or from the property. 8. If the sellers do not enter into the sale as shown above, they will repair to the buyer all the losses and damages he has suffered as a result of the seller`s failure. 7. The sale is inside …………… one point of the agreement months from the date of this agreement if the purchase price is to be paid by the buyer to the seller. Sellers carry out or execute a proper transport certificate for the benefit of the buyer or his nominees or nominees. 9. The purchaser heresafter declares that he is purchasing the property mentioned for the construction of dwellings and if the purchaser is satisfied that he cannot use the land in question for the construction of residential dwellings, the buyer has the option of withdrawing from that contract and, in this case, neither party has any claims against the other party at the expense , costs, compensation, damages and interest. 11.

Sellers will give the buyer free possession of the property at the time of registration of the deed of transport. 1. Sellers will sell and the buyer will sell the land with the land no…………, located in……. and adméasuring on……… sq. mts. especially in the calendar described above. The purchase price is calculated with a price of Rs. 400 per sq m. the actual area of land and the actual area of the country are determined by a joint soil measure by representatives of both parties. 2. Sellers state that ownership of the land is free and that the user of that land is on it for the construction of buildings, including residential buildings.

The property in question is not subject to taxation or tax, with the exception of taxation. Municipal Corporation and the property tax to the government of …………. at: 14. If the sale is not inside …………. It is concluded for months from the date of this agreement, without the sellers having issued a deed or omission or delay, the buyer must pay the sellers interest on the matching amount of …………% per year from the expiry date of the six-month period until the closing of the sale on the purchase price he must pay. 5. The sellers declare and confirm that the land in question is not subject to any agreement to sell or lease for the benefit of a person and that no interest has been created for the land in question for the benefit of a person. The buyer can begin construction of the land in question immediately after the completion of the sale. 6. The sellers accept and declare that the land in question is not affected by an urban planning or other scheme and that no notification has been sent to the government or the municipal corporation or any other local or public authority or body or authority for the acquisition, requirement, requisition or other information regarding the requirement or acquisition of that property or part of it.

When it is established, prior to the closing of the sale, that the land in question, or part of it, is affected by a plan to improve the town planning or that it is affected in some way by a system planned or published by the municipal body or by any other public body or government, or is reserved for public purposes, the buyer has the right to withdraw from this contract and , in this case, each party bears and bears its own costs, provided that, if the seller or one of them has received or concealed a aforementioned notification, the buyer is entitled to all costs, costs and charges incurred.

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