How To Upload Rent Agreement In Gst

I have the same problem, I added APOB for sale on Amazon on July 31st and it is now 17 aug, but the application status has not changed yet. How long does it take? I was also told that the department would send me an email for the lease and NOC documents for APOB, as there is no option on the site to submit them, but I also did not receive such an email. Is my information accurate or how can the documents be transmitted correctly? I work in an export company. If there is a new message has come that the refund can only be transferred by the legal name instead of the trade name. The refund we received so far was recorded on our current account. However, it is stated that the amount of the refund is credited in the legal name of the owner of the business owner. I would like to know if the notification is correct, then how I would change the legal name to trade name. People have a lot of problems downloading documents to the GST portal is due to a system problem. The government was not prepared for so much traffic and demand and therefore witnessed a downtime. The GST system is expected to resume in one to two days, because the government does not want people to face a GST problem. Different sets of documents are required depending on the status of the business activity or the type of GST registration that will be obtained.

All right. If I have to download a rental file less than 1MB? Is a correction possible after I`ve done something wrong or is it like that, and am I being asked to send a document later? I applied for an additional business place on February 23, 2018. I filled out all the necessary details, but there was no way to download documents. I received an email saying that my application was successfully submitted and that the RNA was generated. But my status still displays “Application in Processing.” I would like to know how the documents are submitted and how long it takes to process my application. (11-12 days ago) For bank details, a copy of the cancelled cheque or the extract from the bank pass/statement book (with the first and last page) must be downloaded. (JPEG format / PDF format, maximum size – 100 KB) The change must be made within 15 days of the event being oversized, resulting in a change in the information. The application may be rejected if you enter a date in July 2017. It is therefore preferable to enter the current date.

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