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Many speakers act as stand-alone companies. In fact, because of the popularity of hiring different speakers at various events based on specialized expertise, most stakeholders work exclusively as their own units, allowing their livelihoods to speak at various events. The speaking commitment can cover any theme. 17. Force majeure. The parties to this agreement are not responsible for the commitments or obligations arising from this agreement because of circumstances, incidents or interventions resulting from acts of God, and unforeseen disturbances. A speech agreement, also known as a spokesperson`s agreement, is a document with which two parties meet to conclude a service contract at an event. Both parties are called as spokespersons (the party that makes the real speech) and the host of the event (which will host the event, where the spokesperson will be). Speaking engagement agreements are widespread for both large and small events. This type of agreement can be used for a speaker who delivers a speech at a major event, such as . B a conference, or even for a speaker who gives a lecture at a small event, such as a meeting of only a few people. This document included basic identifying information about the parties, for example.B.

names and contact information. Details of speech services and actual events are then included. This information includes fees, details such as date, time and location and, of course, what the spokesperson will talk about. The speaker, after the best success, will be as follows: In the inevitable situation that I am not able to present my commitment, I will immediately be the main point of contact of the event by phone / email, so that the company will find an alternative speaker for my meeting. If I violate the terms of this Agreement or if I do not meet the deadlines, the Company reserves the right to replace me as moderator by another moderator of my company or organization or another company or other organization, at the sole discretion of the company. 7. Non-exclusion. Event Organizer does not hold any exclusive collaboration with the spokesperson. Stakeholders may opt for other business activities that are not directly related to the event organizer, which may result in an error in the presentation of the agreement. CONSIDERING, the spokesperson makes the invitation of the organizer in the terms of the agreement below; Such an agreement also includes standard contractual clauses, such as the choice of law and court.

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