Termination Of Lease Agreement Quebec

The only concrete situations in which one can withdraw from the lease are: if the lease is terminated for security reasons, the tenant is required to make a notice with a certificate from a public official or an official official appointed by the Minister of Justice and who supports the tenant`s statement. ยท for renting an apartment rented by a student in an educational institution, All other reasons, including buying a home, divorce, disagreements between tenants, creating a new household, need for larger housing, financial problems, moving for employment reasons, etc. do not allow a tenant to compel the landlord to terminate the lease. For more information on terminating the lease due to late rental, please see the late payment of the rent (above). The law also requires the public sector to use the housing authority`s current rental methods for renting in low-rent housing within the meaning of section 1984 of the Civil Code of Quebec, as well as for the rental of a dwelling with an educational institution by a student currently enrolled in that institution. The landlord must send the existing forms of tenancy of the Housing Authority: termination with confirmation from the competent authority and, in the case of a senior in a care home or care home, with a certificate from an authorized person certifying that the conditions of admission to the institution are met. If a portion of the rent covers the costs of services made available to the tenant in person, the tenant is only required to pay the portion of the rent that relates to the services provided before evacuating the premises. The same applies to the cost of these services when they are provided by the lessor under a contract separate from the lease. The following decisions arise from the same decisions as non-compliance with an obligation arising from the lease agreement: The following decisions arise from the same decisions as non-compliance with an obligation arising from the tenancy agreement: the owner must deliver the dwelling in general good condition.

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