Airport Ground Handling Agreement

Qas After-Sales Service is a highly qualified and professional team trained in the use of SMRs and unaccompanied minors. In addition, we operate a fleet of buggies inside the terminal to accommodate vip-protocol, PRMs rated passengers and also offer a shuttle service for joint use at client airports. QAS Baggage Operations is skillfully and routinely handling the task of moving more than two million pieces of luggage per month and expects to handle 24% of the additional baggage in the coming months. Your sophisticated baggage transport and computer tracking system ensures the fast and efficient delivery of passengers` luggage on board aircraft and aircraft as well as the overall traceability of all luggage. Inside Hamad International Airport`s state-of-the-art 5-star airport, QAS offers a range of specialized services tailored to this world-class customer. QAS won the contract for flight management from Qatar Amiri Terminal, an autonomous airline of VVIP. In both environments, QAS offers a full range of services tailored to the specific needs of the selected customer group. The ground handling services we offer include Aviator to provide ground handling services to FedEx, including icebreaking at Malmö Airport in Sweden. The two companies have also concluded an ongoing cooperation agreement with Stockholm Arlanda. The risks inherent in the ground handling process, especially for ramp services, are numerous.

Tasks can be performed in a noisy and busy area, both in daylight and darkness, in all weather conditions and at all extremes of temperature. Different types of large machines that operate in the immediate vicinity, handling flammable liquids and dangerous cargoes, as well as working at altitude during the loading, restoration and refueling of large aircraft all represent their own dangers. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the risks inherent in providing groundhandling services for an aircraft: Qatar Aviation Services – QAS has been the only ground service provider for international airport operations in the State of Qatar for almost 20 years. First at Doha International Airport and then at the award-winning Hamad International Airport, Qatar`s new global gateway, QAS has provided excellence in ground handling. During this period, it also strengthened its reputation as a high-end ground handling organization and gave a new definition to the term in the sector. Groundhandling services may be provided by airline staff or by third parties. A large airline can still use its own employees for virtually all ground handling functions at its main base, with the possible exception of refueling and catering, if this is deemed inexpensive. In outdoor stations where there are fewer corporate flights, more services are assigned to subcontractors and the number of employees employed by the company will often be minimal, eventually reduced to limited technical coverage or a single part-time company representative. . .


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