Animal Surrender Agreement

While no written contract is immune to legal challenge, it is important that you develop and implement remittance documentation in your new shelter resident reception policies. The documentation must be detailed: in certain circumstances, for example. B if the previous owner of the pet is unknown or unavailable, it may not be possible to put such an agreement on paper. In this case, release by documentation the one who brought the animal to you. The slight discomfort you may feel when you ask someone to sign an animal by contract is far preferable to litigation or a public show! I hereby confirm that I am the legal guardian of the animal or animals that are the subject of this animal remittance form, hereinafter referred to as “the animal”. I have hereby transferred all ownership rights in the animal to [The Sanctuary]. I confirm that no other person has ownership rights over the animal(s). I have disclosed all essential information about the medical and behavioral history of the animal or animals. I will intentionally publish all medical records and information about the animal(s). I have given permission to contact my veterinarian for all necessary information regarding the animal(s) and I agree with the disclosure of all medical information by a medical provider. I understand that once I have abandoned the animal, the animal is no longer available for return and [The Sanctuary] is not required to obtain information about the animal (the animals). Through the operation of a shelter, your organization will most likely host the majority of your residents from people and organizations who cannot care for them properly. In an ideal world, they would send the animal to your protected area, your new resident would be able to enjoy his eternal home with you in peace and satisfaction, and the previous guardian of the animal would change his ways so that other animals would not find themselves in such a difficult situation in the future.

Unfortunately, the world we live in is rarely ideal and you need to be careful to protect your organization when it comes to defining a capitulation policy for new residents. We have heard far too many stories from organizations and former custodians calling for animals transferred to protected areas to be returned, either because they have changed their minds or because they have changed the circumstances and wanted to recover the animal they have returned to the custody of the protected area. We have even heard reports from previous capitulants who threatened sanctuaries with litigation, or even worse, harassment and intimidation. Below is an example of the capitulation clause you could implement in your document: are you looking for a form that you can implement for your sanctuary? Check out our free transfer of Guardianship Record! As stated above, it is important that the word is signed by a legal expert in your area, but this template will put you on the path to responsible documentation! I would forever exempt [The Sanctuary] from all rights, claims, obligations, obligations, commitments and claims for remedies arising out of or relating to the ownership, possession or disposal of animals, and I agree that [The Sanctuary] from and against all such rights, claims, obligations, liabilities shall be released and maintained unharmed. and the grounds for appeal that may be invoked by third parties….

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