Blanket Purchase Agreement Gfebs

(6) NAFI cardholders must respect their sources (see points 3 to 5). When purchasing office supplies, NAFI GPC cardholders should consider the AbilityOne BaseSupply Centers or Office Supply BPAs on the EMALL ArmyCorridor DOD as a convenient choice. If it is not in NAFI`s best interest to purchase through AbilityOne Base Supply Centers or Office Supply BPAs, the cardholder may consider other necessary sources. The cardholder must properly document the decision not to receive a purchase from AbilityOne Base Supply Centers or Office SupplyBPAs before considering an open source market. b. In addition to corrective or disciplinary measures, military personnel who do not use their CCP may have access to classified information if justified in the interest of national security. Commanders and superiors follow military instructions to ensure that security checks are conducted when the holder of a crown acquisition card is investigated for card use. The “AbilityOne” program strives to ensure that its products are evaluated under the fair market. Acquiring a commercial product at a lower price than an AbilityOne product is not a valid reason to justify the mandate of the AbilityOne program. If you think that the AbilityOne product is significantly more expensive than a commercial product, you should contact the AbilityOne program for advice. AbilityOne does not offer recycled copy paper of 8.5 x 11 or 30% white paper. AbilityOne`s copy paper is used with letterheads and has archival quality. As AbilityOne is not a source of Amandatory for general purpose paper (30% recycling is considered a general use), you do not need a waiver from AbilityOne for the purchase of general purpose copy paper and can purchase from AbilityOneBase Supply Centers or another source such as the BPAson office of the DOD EMALL Army Corridor.

(5) The purchase of articles designated by the EPO which do not comply with the EPO`s minimum standards for recovered materials must be justified in writing if the micro-purchase threshold is exceeded. A written finding must be based on one or more of the following reasons and maintained by the cardholder for the exemption from the material standards recovered: a. Discounts are recognised as credits on invoices and applied at the accounting level, unless otherwise specified at level 2A/CIU. Discounts are automatically assigned to the Standard Account Line (LOA) on billing. BOs should reallocate allocations to different LOA (with the same resources) as no LOA has a credit. Under no circumstances does ch retain gift certificates, seller discounts or other purchase incentives that can be converted into personal use. Once received, the items must be handed over to the U.S. Treasury. Appendix C sets out general rules for prohibited purchases.

In most cases, Appendix C allows CH to determine if a particular purchase is appropriate. . . .

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