Dod 3210.6-R Dod Grant And Agreement Regulation

Executive Order 13132 sets out certain requirements that an agency must meet when proposing a regulation that affects federalism. This proposed regulatory measure has no impact on federalism. (a) The Head of the DoD Component or his agent may authorize individual exemptions from DoDGAR which are waivers that relate to only one allocation if the waivers are not prohibited by law, implementing regulation or regulation. A special class of support instruments used to increase the participation of commercial enterprises in defence research programmes and for other purposes related to the integration of the trade and defence sector from the country`s technological and industrial base. Technology investment agreements include a kind of cooperation agreement with provisions adapted to the inclusion of commercial enterprises, as well as a type of other aid operations. Technology investment agreements are described in more detail in 32 CFR Part 37. 6. Preferences for the use of U.S.-flagged air carriers in the International Air Transportation Fair Competitive Practices Act of 1974 (49 U.S.C. 40118), commonly referred to as the Fly America Act, and the implementing provisions of 41 CFR 301-10.131 to 301-10.143 applicable to the use of U.S. government funds. Grant managers responsible for managing grants and post-award cooperation agreements manage them in accordance with the following parts of the DoDGAR, supplemented by this subsection: The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) is a government compilation of information on aid programs. It covers all aid programmes and activities, regardless of the number of awards awarded under the programme, the total value of the aid provided or the duration. In addition to programmes that use grants and agreements, the programmes covered include those that provide assistance in other forms, such as for example.

Β payments instead of taxes or indirect aid resulting from federal operations. B. Annex A of 32 CFR, Part 34 lists ten national policy requirements that typically apply to the purchase of businesses under grants or cooperative agreements. Of these ten, two are valid for purchases made by all recipients under TIAs: the website: Follow the instructions on this site to submit feedback. The head of a DoD component or his/her agent may delegate to the Contracting Activity Managers (HCAs) within the component the authority to award and manage awards, to appoint grant delegates and contract delegates (see § 21.435 to 21.450) and to manage overall the functions of the DoD component in relation to the support instruments. The HCA is the same official (or officials) designated as the head of procurement activity for public procurement within the meaning of 48 CFR 2.101. The intention is that all responsibilities for managing the functions of a DoD component under non-award instruments will be assigned only to staff members who have similar responsibilities for procurement contracts. 2.

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