Fidelity Hsa Agreement

21. POWER OF ATTORNEY – You may appoint an agent to conduct transactions on your behalf. (However, we have no obligation or agreement to monitor or ensure that the agent`s actions are to your advantage.) This can be done by allowing your agent to sign this property on the signature card or through a separate form, for example. B a power of attorney. A power of attorney is in effect until your death or the death of the person who obtained the power. If the power of attorney is not “permanent”, it will be revoked if you become incompetent. We may continue to comply with the agent`s transactions until: (a) we have received written notice or have actual knowledge of the cessation of authority or the death of an owner and (b) we have had an opportunity to respond to such notice or knowledge. You agree not to blame us for any loss or damage that may be caused to you by the following instructions from an agent acting under a valid mandate. 2. If you do not consider this, you have the right to obtain all necessary advertisements in paper or non-electronic form; (3) If you wish to obtain a paper copy of the disclosure in addition to the electronic disclosure, you may obtain it free of charge by calling us; 4. You can revoke your consent by phone at any time; and (5) You must provide us with the information immediately (for example.

B an e-mail address) necessary to communicate with you electronically and notify us of changes to this information by calling us. We reserve the right to provide information or communications in writing and not electronically. Unless otherwise provided by law or other agreements, you may email us all communications regarding your current accounts or periodic settlements, with the exception of stop payment orders, using our current email address at the time, regardless of anything that is different in this agreement; However, we reserve the right to have communications confirmed in writing at our request. 27. UTMA ACCOUNTS – According to the Transfers to Minors Act uniform, the funds in the account belong to the child who used the account unconditionally at the age of majority. Before this date, the account can only be accessed by the guardian (or the guardian who will succeed her) and the funds must be used for the child. However, we have no obligation or agreement to monitor or ensure that the actions of the guardian (or guardian) are for the good of the child. We are not responsible for monitoring the age or authorization of a UTMA account, although our records may contain the minor`s date of birth.

It is the custodian`s responsibility to properly distribute the funds to the account after the death of the minor or the minor`s majority. For this type of account, the child`s SSN/TIN is used for Backup Withholding certification. 52. NEGATIVE INFORMATION NOTE Federal law requires us to communicate the following communication to customers before “negative information” can be transmitted to a national consumer notification office. “Negative information” includes information relating to late payments, bank overdrafts or any form of delay. This indication does not mean that we report such information about you, but only that we may communicate information about customers who have not done what they must do in accordance with our agreement. Once this notification has been communicated, additional negative information may be communicated without further communication. We may share information about your account with credit bureaus. Late payments, missed payments, or other failures on your account may be reflected in your credit information. 2. AGREEMENT – This document, together with all other documents we grant you regarding your account(s), is a contract that sets out rules that control your accounts with us.

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