Stinnes Legien Agreement Significance

12. Such contracts shall come into force on the day of their signature and, unless they are replaced by another Act, shall remain in force with three months` notice until further notice. The working conditions of all male and female workers are governed by collective agreements with the competent workers` unions in each industry. Negotiations on this matter must begin immediately and be concluded in due course. [3] The mining director Secret Council Ewald Hilger during the deliberations of the Federation of Steelmakers (VdESI) the day before the signing of the contract, quoted according to Gerald D. Feldmann, ibid. November 2018 marks the centenary of the outbreak of the German Revolution. It was part of a revolutionary wave of the working class that put an end to the imperialist massacre of the First World War. To understand the importance of these dramatic days, the CWO not only convened the above-mentioned meeting, but also invited comrades from our German sister organization in the internationalist communist tendency, the International Socialist Group (SIG), to assist in our deliberations. The meeting was one of the most visited in a long time and it was all the more gratifying to note that about half of the people gathered were under 25 years old.

The reduction in tariff coverage has given rise to a political and scientific debate on the future of the German tariff system and how best to deal with this decline, including through state intervention. For example, the DGB calls for the abolition of so-called membership and membership of employers` organisations (i.e. membership which does not bind the employer to the sectoral collective agreement of his organisation). The Confederation of Trade Unions also proposes to use extension mechanisms more frequently. Employers` organisations such as the BDA reject requests for state intervention and stress the importance of independent (wage) negotiations. (10) A central committee composed in equal parts of representatives of employers and workers in each industry will implement this Agreement. It will also take other measures that may be necessary to monitor demobilization, maintain economic life and ensure the standard of living of workers, especially those wounded during the war. The current situation of the labour market in Germany, the recent collective agreement in the German railway sector and the centenary of the Stinnes-Legien agreement are the main themes of this article.

This country update reports on the latest developments in working life in Germany in the fourth quarter of 2018. 7. Each factory of at least 50 workers elects a workers` committee representing the workforce and with the factory owner to ensure that the conditions of the plant are in accordance with the collective agreement. . . .

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