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31 3. Concordance Problems in sentencesSubjectives in unusual positions Sets with predicate noun sentences in which prepositional sentences separate subjects and verbs ** Remember that you can easily solve these problems by changing the order of the subject and verb. 50 If it relates to more than one unit, it is pluralIf the subject refers to an amount as a unit, it is considered singular If it refers to more than one unit, it is plural Two weeks seem to be a long wait. (Single Unit, Singularverb) Two weeks have passed since you called. (several units, plural) 13 Bound by And sometimes a composite subject, connected by “and”, refers to a single thing or idea; It takes a singular verb Red beans and rice taste deliciously Tasha and Alicia talk a lot during class. Kyle and John (east, are) will join the football team. 54 Problematic issues When collective nouns, ending nouns, titles and numerical expressions are used as subjects, it can be difficult to say where they take singular or plural abbreviations 12 topics related by And a link whose parts are connected by “and” usually takes a plural boys and girls form the students of the school. The pencil and paper are on my desk. 21 Tips for finding the subject in these kinds of sentences Choosing the right verb (Is it) The last born rebellious than average children? Flip the sentence and put the subject in front of the verb (answer the question) The last born (is, are) more rebellious than the average child.

Determine if the singular or plural subject is lastborn (plural) Let the subject and verb the lastborn are more rebellious than the average child. 38 singular or plural? All, all, most, none and some can be either singular or plural. If you use any of these words as a topic, think about the topic it refers to. If the noun is singular, use a singular verb, if it is plural, use a plural agreement 28 REVIEW in The number of composite subjects Problems of agreement in sentences 48 The meaning of the subject determines in the sentence whether the singular or plural form of the verb is necessary You can determine whether a collective subunun accepts a singular or plural verb, by replacing the pronoun or by replacing 63 dimensions and amounts FractionsA break can take a singular or a plural plate, depending on whether it relates to a single part (singular) or to a set of elements (plural). One-tenth of brain cells are lost in a lifetime. (fracture refers to a number of cells) Half of the brain controls the left side of the body….

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