Swimming Pool Service Agreement Forms

Before starting regular pool maintenance, we need to make sure that your pool is in good condition and that it is both clean and chemically balanced. Therefore, your initial service is calculated at an hourly rate of [hourly rate] plus the cost of chemicals. The following service intervals are charged based on your selected pool maintenance package. Any spa maintenance technician or provider can work with the customer or pool owner and access the maintenance plan to update it in real time. Look at the pool equipment, jacuzzi and spa, chemicals, pump baskets, water level and much more. 1. It establishes a relationship with the customer. A good onboarding experience creates trust, sets the tone and forms the basis of a long-term relationship. It indicates that the pool is under the care of a real professional.

For this purpose, I also charge a fee to postpone weekly cleanings to another day only once or permanently. My collaborators are in certain areas on certain days. Reconfiguring their routes for these requirements entails administrative costs. Have you recently taken a good overview of your service contract? In addition to our standard pool maintenance services, we offer a complete complement to pool maintenance and repair. If you need these services at any time, please contact us by phone or email. Check out our ultimate golden pool serviceā„¢ the maintenance program that offers homeowners a full range of services for comfort and pool ownership all year round! In case of rainy day or public holiday, no adaptation of the invoice is made. When weekly customers request makeup cleanses, they are charged non-chedule service at current prices. On the other hand, if there are five days of service in a month, we do not charge extra for this fifth visit. So everything comes out, so to speak, in the laundry.

Here too, we calculate a flat rate, so this agreement keeps billing simple. It is your responsibility to ensure that our technician has full access to your pool and its pumps on the scheduled service dates. If our technician arrives and is unable to provide a service due to lack of access, a booking fee [ReschedulingFee.Amount] will be charged…

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