What Is A Shareholder Loan Agreement

The principal amount is the initial amount of the loan paid by the shareholder (or “shareholder”) to the Company on the date of the loan before interest accrues. Once the Company has begun to repay the Loan, the principal amount refers to the amount of money still owed to the Shareholder (or “Shareholder”) at any given time. You don`t need to ask for collateral, but in the event of the company`s bankruptcy, your debts take precedence over debts the company owes to other lenders if you have “secured” your loan with collateral. This may be preferable if the company does not have enough assets to pay off all of its debts in full. A loan receivable does not need to be paid out until the shareholder (or “shareholder”) demands its repayment. There is no fixed end date for loan repayment. Upon request, the Company shall be granted a reasonable period of time to repay the loan in full. . . .

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